VPS Web Hosting Plans - Top Companies

VPS Web Hosting Plans – Top Companies

VPS web hosting plans, also known as cloud servers are a great choice for hosting your website. Generally, many accounts and websites will be hosted on a single web server. However, you will have a guaranteed minimum amount of resources for your websites. This includes dedicated processing power, dedicated RAM, dedicated file storage, and dedicated bandwidth. This is a great option for websites that have a fair amount of traffic and/or database usage requirements.

The best part is that you can expand your VPS account as your needs change, rather than moving a website from one dedicated server to another. Keep in mind, however, that most VPS accounts are unmanaged. This means that unlike shared, managed accounts, you will often be responsible for maintaining your VPS server. This means updating your server software and firewall to prevent hackers from destroying your website. Below is a list of the top VPS hosting companies we’ve reviewed. If you do not want to manage your own server software and security, then select a managed VPS hosting account.

  1. HostWinds Managed VPS Web Hosting
  2. InterServer Cloud VPS Web Hosting
  3. BlueHost Standard VPS Web Hosting
  4. A2Hosting Unmanaged VPS Web Hosting
  5. DreamHost Basic VPS Web Hosting
  6. Hostgator Snappy VPS Web Hosting
  7. Network Solutions Starter Cloud Hosting Plan
  8. CloudWays Cloud Hosting Plan
  9. Hostinger Cloud Startup Cloud Hosting Plan
  10. Hostinger VPS Hosting Plan