Shared Web Hosting Plans - Top Companies

Shared Web Hosting Plans – Top Companies

Shared servers are the most basic form of web hosting you can get. Generally, many accounts and websites will be hosted on a single web server. You will, in effect, share resources with every other account on the server. Shared web hosting is fine for most small businesses with simple websites that don’t have a lot of content, traffic, or database look-ups. It is not good for companies that expect a lot of traffic, however. For those websites, VPS and dedicated servers will provide un-shared resources. Below is a list of shared web hosting reviews.

  1. Interserver Unlimited Shared Hosting Plan
  2. Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plan
  3. Bluehost Basic Shared Hosting Plan
  4. A2Hosting WordPress Hosting Plan
  5. A2Hosting Lite Shared Hosting Plan
  6. DreamHost DreamPress Shared Hosting Plan
  7. HostWinds Advanced Shared Hosting Plan
  8. Hostagator Starter Plan for WordPress
  9. Hostgator Hatchling Shared Hosting Plan
  10. Network Solutions WordPress For Entrepreneurs Hosting Plan
  11. Hostinger Single Shared Web Hosting Plan
  12. Hostinger Single WordPress Hosting Plan