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The InterServer Cloud VPS hosting plan is a great option for websites that need dedicated resources. You can host as many websites on your account and there are many options to choose from. Plans start at $6 per month for one core CPU, 2MB RAM, 30GB SSD storage space, and 1TB of data transfer. These are ample resources for most basic websites, and you can expand your plan in $6 increments as your traffic and needs increase, all the way up to 16 cores, 32GB RAM, 480GB SSD storage, and 16TB of data transfer. This is a great option for just about any website. If budget is extremely tight, then you can save $1 per month with an InterServer unlimited shared hosting account. Or, if your needs are very basic, then you can host a single website with SiteGround for $3.95 per month. You will lose the flexibility that VPS accounts offer, but you’ll gain a couple of bucks a month in savings. This plan comes with free website migration from your old server to InterServer.

interServer Shared Hosting Review


  • Dedicated Resources
  • Plans Start at $6 Per Month
  • Easily Expand Plan as Traffic and Needs Grow
  • 10% Discount When Paying Annually
  • Basic Support Free With All Accounts, 24/7 by Phone, Live Chat & Ticket System


  • May Be More Than Necessary for Small Websites
  • 4 “Slices” Required for Managed Support

InterServer Cloud Virtual Private Server Plan Review & Analysis

VPS website hosting plans like this can eliminate many of the problems associated with shared web hosting plans. Unlike shared plans, virtual private servers have dedicated resources for your websites. Usually this means faster page loads and data processing. However, it should be noted that this could also mean a cap on traffic and speed. When this happens, you will need to expand your plan. The good news is that you can expand this plan in $6 increments. At just $12 per month, you have double the resources, and plans go up to $96 per month with 16x the resources available for your websites. This is more than enough for most businesses, including high-traffic ecommerce stores. It’s a great way to support an online business that already has lots of traffic, or which relies on heavy database usage.

Who This Hosting Plan is For

  • Ecommerce websites and other websites that may develop into high-traffic businesses
  • Businesses that depend on high-security, reliable hosting
  • Companies that need hosting that can grow as they grow

Who This Hosting Plan is Not For

  • Single-websites that have a small amount of content and low data requirements

Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong with this hosting plan. It starts at just $6 per month, and you can expand it as your needs change. Files are secure and dedicated resources mean that other users’ activities won’t slow down your websites. In addition, your account comes with Webuzo control panel, with one-click installs for WordPress, Magento, and other CMS’s and ecommerce shopping carts easy. It’s also easy to upload and update your websites, and InterServer will migrate your website from your old hosting provider for free. VPS Cloud Hosting Features

  • Plans From $6–96 Per Month
  • 1 to 16 CPU Cores
  • 2-32GB Memory
  • 30-480GB SSD Storage Space
  • 1-16TB Data Transfer
  • Lightning Fast Page Loads
  • CentOS Linux or Windows VPS Deployment for Easy Provisioning. Ubuntu and Debian Also Available
  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote, Incremental Cloud Backup Service Available, Starting at $0.05 per GB, Reduced to $0.02 at 5001GB+
  • Self-Healing Hardware
  • Team Collaboration
  • Top-Notch Security
  • One-Click Install of WordPress, Magento, and Other Breadbasket Scripts
  • cPanel
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Cloud Apps
  • SSD Caching Servers
  • Raid-10 Storage
  • Speed Optimization
  • Ultra Fast Web Server
  • Cloud Linux OS
  • 10GB Cisco Network
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • Unlimited MySQL and PostGRE Databases

CPanel Features

  • Control Panel
  • Cron Jobs
  • File Manager
  • Backup / Restore
  • phpMyAdmin

Email Features

  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • Guranteed Mail Delivery (?)
  • Unlimited Forwarders
  • WebMail
  • iPhone Supported
  • Black Berry Supported
  • Android Supported
  • Windows Mobile Supported
  • MX Record Changes
  • Spam Filtering
  • SSL Encryption
  • Outgoing SMTP

Other Features

  • Free Website Migration
  • One-Click Install: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento, Mambo, and Almost 500 Other Web Applications
  • Weekly Backups
  • Automatic Updates
  • Use Any Plugin VPS Cloud Hosting Prices

Hosting Plans
  • CPU Core
    CPU Core
  • RAM
  • Storage SSD
    Storage SSD
  • Transfer
Cloud VPS
$6 / month
  • CPU Core
    1 Core
  • RAM
    2048 MB
  • Storage SSD
    30 GB
  • Transfer
    2 TB
Window VPS
$10 / month
  • CPU Core
    1 Core
  • RAM
    2 GB
  • Storage SSD
    30 GB
  • Transfer
    2 TB
WordPress VPS
$6 / month
  • CPU Core
    1 Core
  • RAM
    2048 MB
  • Storage SSD
    30 GB
  • Transfer
    2 TB

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