Hostinger VPS (VPS Hosting) Review

Hostinger offers a number of different VPS hosting options. These options provide more than shared hosting does. If your website needs more resources or has unique needs that shared hosting doesn’t offer, you may want to upgrade to a VPS plan. Our Hostinger VPS review will look at the different options Hostinger provides and discuss the benefits of VPS hosting in general.

Hostinger Review – Pros and Cons of This Excellent Cheap Web Host


  • Hostinger offers a number of different options depending on the memory, storage, bandwidth, and other resources you need.
  • You can select either Linux or Windows as your operating system.
  • All plans include solid state drives, full root access, and a dedicated IP.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Support is only offered via online chat or email; there’s no phone support.
  • The Windows plans are significantly higher in price.
  • The cheapest plans are only available if you commit to 12, 24, or 48 months.

Hostinger VPS Review & Analysis

Unlike some hosts, Hostinger doesn’t have different named VPS hosting plans. However, they do offer six options for Linux hosts and four for Windows servers. These plans start out fairly basic, but the most expensive options do offer a good amount of resources. Because you have so many options, you can find the one that perfectly fits your needs. You can also upgrade your plan at any time.

Who This Hosting Plan is For

  • Websites that need more than shared hosts offer.
  • Small to medium-sized eCommerce sites.
  • Websites that need specific configurations not available on shared hosts.
  • Anyone who needs full root access to their website.

Who This Hosting Plan is Not For

  • Small websites that don’t need a lot of resources.
  • Huge eCommerce sites that may be better served with a dedicated host.
  • Anyone who has a limited budget.
  • Anyone who may not want to commit to a long-term hosting contract to get the best price.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Hostinger does offer more options than many other hosts do, which is very nice. The solid state drives are very fast, and even the basic plan offers 1,000 GB of bandwidth a month. However, the cost can quickly add up if you don’t lock in the price for several years. The Windows servers are also more expensive. You should keep that in mind if you want to use Windows as your server operating system.

Hostinger VPS Cloud Hosting Features

  • SSD Disk Drives
  • 100 Mb/s Network
  • Full Root Access
  • Dedicated IP
  • IPv6 Support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Other Features

  • Easy to use VPS hosting
  • Dedicated Live chat support team
  • Top-level Enterprise Data Backups
  • Easy Web Script & OS installer
  • Dedicated IP with IPv4 & IPv6
  • Ultimate hardware & SSD space

Hostinger VPS Cloud Hosting Prices

Hosting Plans
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Geekbench Score
    Geekbench Score
  • Bandwidth
1 vCPU
$3.95 / month
  • Memory
    1 GB
  • Storage
    20 GB
  • Geekbench Score
  • Bandwidth
    1000 GB
2 vCPU
$8.95 / month
  • Memory
    2 GB
  • Storage
    40 GB
  • Geekbench Score
  • Bandwidth
    2000 GB
3 vCPU
$12.95 / month
  • Memory
    3 GB
  • Storage
    60 GB
  • Geekbench Score
  • Bandwidth
    3000 GB
4 vCPU
$15.95 / month
  • Memory
    4 GB
  • Storage
    80 GB
  • Geekbench Score
  • Bandwidth
    4000 GB
5 vCPU
$23.95 / month
  • Memory
    6 GB
  • Storage
    120 GB
  • Geekbench Score
  • Bandwidth
    6000 GB
6 vCPU
$29.95 / month
  • Memory
    8 GB
  • Storage
    160 GB
  • Geekbench Score
  • Bandwidth
    8000 GB

Hostinger VPS Options

Let’s take a more detailed look at the different options Hostinger offers. All of their plans, regardless of operating system, have some things in common. Your website will be saved on a solid state drive, and it will be backed up regularly. You have 24/7 live chat support (note that there is no phone support). All plans included a dedicated IP address as well. You can receive a full refund within 30 days if you decide Hostinger isn’t right for you.

Linux Hosting

If you’re looking for cheap VPS hosting and don’t specifically need Windows, the Linux plans are very affordable. The basic plan is $9.95 a month, but if you sign up for 48 months, it drops to under $4. You get 1 GB of RAM, 20 GB of storage space, and 1,000 GB of bandwidth. The servers on this plan have 1 virtual CPU for processing, so they can be slow.

Each of the three plans adds one vCPU, another GB of RAM and 20 GB of storage space. They also double the bandwidth. The fourth option, for example, has 4 vCPU cores, 4GB of RAM, 80 GB of storage, and 4,000 GB of bandwidth.

The two upper plans offer more. The fifth option has 6 vCPU, 6 GB of memory, 120 GB of storage, and 6,000 GB of bandwidth. If you go for the ultimate option, you’ll get 8 vCPU, 8 GB of RAM, 8,000 GB of bandwidth, and 160 GB of storage. However, the price is $130 monthly or $30 with a 48-month commitment. That may be out of your price range if you’re not willing to sign a long-term contract.

Windows Hosting

Hostinger has four different levels of Windows hosting. Each of these options features four processor cores. This means there’s no difference between the cheapest and most expensive plan in terms of processing. Hostinger does not offer 48-month options for their Windows servers. The longest contract available is for 24 months.

The cheapest option has 2 GB of RAM, 50 GB of storage, and 4,000 GB of bandwidth. It’s priced at $36 monthly or $26 with a two-year commitment. The next option offers 4 GB of RAM, 100 GB of storage, and 5,000 GB of bandwidth. Plan three has 8 GB of RAM, 200 GB of storage, and 6,000 GB of bandwidth.

Hostinger’s best VPS hosting option for Windows features 16 GB of RAM, 400 GB of storage space, and 7,000 GB of bandwidth. It’s $300 if you pay per month or $250 if you sign up for 24 months. You will certainly want to compare these plans with Hostgator VPS hosting and other providers.

The Benefits of Web VPS Hosting

There are a few reasons why you may want to look for web VPS hosting instead of shared or dedicated hosts. Websites on a shared server do not have dedicated resources. If one site on the server is using a lot of resources, the other sites will be slowed down. That’s not the case with virtual or VPS servers. Here, your website is on a virtual server that acts as if it were independent. All of these virtual servers are on the same physical server, but resources are shared differently. You won’t experience as many slowdowns or other issues.

Hostinger’s different VPS options do make it easy to select the specific resources that meet your needs. This means you won’t be paying for anything you don’t need. However, you do have to be willing to sign a long-term contract. You may want to compare resources and prices with options such as Cloudways VPS hosting. While Hostinger is good, it may not be the right fit for you.

Review Hostinger VPS (VPS Hosting) Review.

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